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We Offer The Following Industrial Automation Engineering / Consulting Services:

Hampton Roads Automation offers a myriad of Industrial Automation Engineering / Industrial Automation Consultant services.  HRA has over 100 years of combined experience in the areas of Instrumentation, Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA), Remote Terminal Units, and the overall BIG picture of how everything from field Instrumentation all the way to the top end Human-Machine Interface (HMI) are interconnected and interrelated.  We understand the entire system, not just one specific piece.


Our primary service area (but not limited to!) is to work alongside Engineering firms that lack the specific knowledge in the aforementioned areas to enable them to successfully take on complex industrial projects that include Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Automation Engineering.


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Industrial Automation Engineering / Consultation

Professional Engineering Report to 100% Design Documents.


We offer Program Management services for entities that don’t have in-house Industrial Automation expertise.


Are you upgrading your facility or perhaps building a new one?  We can assist in the initial Professional Engineering Report all the way to the 100% Design Documents.  We’re able to consume the specific needs of your project and deliver a complete Industrial Automation solution that will meet or exceed your operational goals and objectives.

Electrical & Instrumentation Field Service

Everyone on our staff started their career as field E&I / I&C technicians. If you are having problems with your instrumentation and control systems, we can solve your problems and get your systems back online.

DCS / PLC Programming

DCS Programming – Emerson Ovation: Database, Graphics, SAMA Logic, Third Party Integration, Enterprise Data Server, Installation, Configuration, Backup, Network Configuration, Field I/O Configuration, & Software Migration


PLC Programming – Allen Bradley, Omron, GE Fanuc, Direct Logic, and other brands


We can also Engineer & Consult within this space

Master Service Agreements

Are you lacking on-site expertise in the area of Industrial Automation?  We offer annual service contracts that enable you to give us Task Orders that we can tackle as the need arises.  Within the confines of our Master Service Agreements, we offer the following services:

  • System backup and restoration policies and procedures (where applicable: there are times when automation vendors contractually retain the rights to their proprietary software and sometimes hardware).  We’re willing to entertain signing an NDA to overcome this hurdle if all parties can come to a reasonable agreement.
  • On-site troubleshooting (see Guided Troubleshooting Services for more details) that includes a comprehensive report that outlines the best remedies to your control system issues.
  • Emergency Response after a catastrophic event: such as a hurricane or flood.  We are capable of giving you the information that is required to get your systems back online.  We can also advise you on the best path to restoring your systems back to full operational status.
  • Instrumentation calibration procedures and manufacturer recommended calibration scheduling to ensure that your process is being accurately monitored.
  • Other services as requested.
Functional Description Creation

During the upgrade or construction of your facility, we can work with your team to create functional descriptions that are within the capabilities of modern industrial control systems to ensure that your project meets or exceeds your operational goals and objectives.

Control Systems (DCS, PLC, RTU, SCADA)

Integration, Upgrades, HMI Graphics Layout, I/O List Creation, Cyber Security, and Troubleshooting


Specifications, Suggested Brand / Models, Installation Guidance, and Troubleshooting

Analytical Instrumentation

Specifications, Suggested Brand / Models, Installation Guidance, and Troubleshooting

Third Party Device Integration

Facilitation of third party device integrations utilizing industry standard communication protocols (ex: MODBUS, OPC, etc.).

Troubleshooting Services

We offer on-site Electrical & Instrumentation troubleshooting services where one or more of our representatives will work alongside your staff and assist them via a “coaching” session. This process will help your staff to learn how to troubleshoot complex systems. Once the session is completed, we will submit a final report with our findings that you can add to your records to help solve future problems of the same type.

Operational Troubleshooting: “Efficiency of Operations”

We create specifications in the form of an “Efficiency of Operations” report that identifies gaps, operational needs, specific hardware / software suggestions, protocols, configuration examples, calibration procedures & intervals, responses to interviews with management and operations personnel, and responses to specific issues that you outline for us.

The report is generated via an on-site evaluation of the current state of your industrial automation systems.

Overall Industrial Automation Solutions

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