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Our History

The Team at HRA was brought together by pure fate; our working relationships and close friendships have grown very close over a 20+ year period. We are a TEAM in the truest form of the word. We've climbed the mountain of Industrial Automation together and now that we've reached the summit we are absolutely excited about the opportunity to share our collective experiences with you...our customers.

Ryan, Wesley, Patrick, and Scott have a common thread that drives each of them; they are absolutely driven by a deep passion for excellence in the area of Industrial Automation.  This group was forged under a myriad of challenges that just kept getting more and more complex as time went on.  As a team they’ve installed an entire Distributed Control System (DCS) with ZERO vendor support (purchased it, installed each piece, configured each piece, programmed it, tuned it, and started it up…and every intricate step in-between).  They also had the opportunity to program and expand a complex Potomac Aquifer injection site located in Suffolk, VA.  There have been hundreds of projects this group has completed over the years.  Each one unique and therefore requiring a unique solution to achieve operational excellence (which is the ultimate goal of Industrial Automation).

"Automation Made Easy"

Industrial Automation is a multi-faceted field of study that HRA has over 100 years of combined experience in.

We are looking forward to serving you~!

Instrumentation and process piping

Why Choose Us

Experience and Education in the right areas are extremely important when considering a consultant firm.  Experience is the most important of the two, because the field of Industrial Automation is a field of study that takes years of hands on experience to properly master.

Look for several team members to have over 20 years of experience while also looking for the ISA-CAP (International Society of Automation – Certified Automation Professional) credentials combined with higher education.

Thanks to technology, we are able to provide our services 99% via remote meeting technologies.  If the particulars of a job requires on-site services, we can work out the details as those situations arise. 

Hampton Roads Automation was founded by like-minded individuals who believe that integrity is a cornerstone that must be part of everything that we do.

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