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Class A Electrical Contractor

Hampton Roads Automation (HRA) is now a Virginia DPOR Certified Class A Electrical Contractor.


What Are The Benefits of being a Class A Electrical Contractor in Virginia?


Now that HRA is a Class A Electrical Contractor in Virginia, we can offer our customers the following benefits:


Project Size Limitations:

As a Class A contractor in Virginia, we have the highest monetary limit for single projects. This means HRA can now take on larger projects, giving us the ability of serve our customers on a broader range of opportunities.


Class A contractors can work on projects of any size or complexity, including residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

Competitive Edge:

Holding a Class A license signifies a high level of expertise and experience, which is a benefit to our customers who are seeking reputable and skilled contractors for their projects.

Expanded Services:

Class A contractors can offer a wider range of services compared to lower-class licenses. This includes more complex Industrial Automation, Industrial Control Systems (DCS, PLC, & SCADA), Instrumentation, Complex Electrical systems, Advanced Technologies, and larger-scale installations.

Access to Government Contracts:

HRA is listed on, participates in E-Verify, is SWaM Certified as a Minority Owned, Woman Owned, Small and Micro Business, and is currently working on Federal Government contracts.  Now that we have a Class A Electrical license, we now have access to a larger range of government contracts, especially those involving substantial electrical work.

Enhanced Credibility:

We chose to pursue a Class A Electrical license because of our commitment to professionalism and compliance with regulations. We don’t just want our reputation to be based on articles that we post to our website, we want our customers to know that we have actual licenses, education, and certifications that reflect our real-world experience.


If you are interested in working with HRA, please reach out to us via email or our contact form.






Ryan C. Duke, CAP, MSM

Principal Automation Engineer | Vice President of Finance

Hampton Roads Automation

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